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"I undertake and I persevere."

The Space-Time Rift is expanding.
More creatures are tumbling through and humanity is helpless. It's up to the Winchesters, Torchwood, and even the Doctor and his companions to put a stop to it all before the human race becomes extinct.

Alone, they are powerful.
Together, they are unstoppable.
(Group established 8/29/13)

I realize that inbox notes aren’t being received as I didn’t get any notice about the messages from Castiel (I’ll get back to you about it when I talk to Sammy) and River.

Since I didn’t get those notifications:  Adam, I sent you a message about the Dean/Adam thread, let me know if you got it. Also sent a message about the Master.

If anyone else sent a message and I haven’t answered, let me know.


Okay, I know things have been a bit dead here. So it’s time to clean house.

These are the people I need to hear from by Tuesday at 9pm central or their roles will open. Even if you play another, more active character, I want to hear what you’re doing with your other one.

  • Charlie
  • Crowley
  • Jo Harvelle
  • Master
  • Gwen

These are people on hiatus who need to update me on their status:

  • Castiel

Others who are on hiatus/semi-hiatus:

  • Sam/Amy
  • Jenny/Sally
  • Samandriel/Alastair
  • 10 had computer problems but should be up and running shortly

If you need a roleplay partner, then I’ll throw Dean and Ianto into the mix as open. Right now, both are caught up on their threads.

Mod notes

Jenny/ Sally is on hiatus (We are so sorry for your loss, Dev. Take all the time you need.)

Castiel is on hiatus due to school

Samandriel/ Alastair is on hiatus due to moving to another state.

Rory has left the group due to a busy schedule. (We hope to have you back if things calm down!)

Mod notes and stuff.

Heyyyyy there.

So I guess we gotta update you on statuses.


Castiel (school)

Samandriel/ Alastair (is moving to a different state)

Jenny/ Sally (semi-hiatus due to school)

We’ll be messaging those we haven’t heard from in a while to check up on them this weekend. If you need a hiatus, let us know. We know school is picking up as finals and stuff  draw closer.

We’ll also be advertising this weekend. Any characters you want to interact with, let us know and we’ll put out an ad for them.

Just a quick mod note.

Current Hiatuses

  • Castiel
  • 11th Doctor
  • River/Gwen

Ha ha…um, oh geez. Awkward.

Activity Check

Hey everyone - it’s that time again! The monthly activity check is back and the same rules apply. Simply, just be active! We’ve got enough people in the group that everyone should be in at least one active thread. You’ve got two weeks before we send out messages and opening roles if we need to, but you guys are awesome, so we shouldn’t have to worry about that, right? Yeah.

Mod note:Castiel is going on hiatus for a few weeks due to school…. and learning… and reading.



What a nerdy angel. Looking forward to having you back!